Copywriting is one of the most important parts of your brand strategy! The copy your business puts out embodies your brand’s personality. 

Whereas content is a way you reach your customers through blogs, social media, eBooks, or email, copy is the writing you use to call the customer to make a sale.  

Well-written copy uses language that speaks to and resonates with the customer. Sales copy creates an emotional connection with your customers. It naturally inspires customers to make a purchase because they feel emotionally invested in your brand. 

Great brand copywriting shows customers that you know exactly what they are going through and how your product or service fits into their lives. When you know customers on that deep level, you create brand advocates who will purchase from you for life. 

Create emotionally engaging brand copy with these tips:  

  1. Features tell, benefits sell. You might pride yourself on the features of your service or product and what you have to offer. But the words that are going to bring you closer to the sale are words that describe the benefits of the products. 
  1. Have a distinct brand voice. Your brand voice includes unique words and language. These words help create a brand persona that stands out and resonates with your customers. 
  1. Create a sense of urgency. Urgency helps customers take action. Use a countdown timer, lower price, or buzzwords to motivate your customers to make a purchase. 
  1. Create your own category. Use words to become the go-to in your industry. What secret combination makes your business truly stand out? 
  1. Use the AIDA framework to build a connection. When you know your customers and the problems they have, that makes this part easy. The AIDA framework is an unbeatable way to create brand advocates by connecting with customers. This can be used everywhere from your web copy to email copy. 

Copy is how your messaging shapes the perception of your brand that inspires people to buy. Messaging that showcases your brand’s personality is timeless. Words are a powerful tool and can be used to show your brand’s uniqueness in a way that connects with others and the value they get from your company long term.  

Brand copywriting creates an internal investment with customers. Through an emotional connection, they become invested in your business – like they would feel close to a friend. 

The world is built on stories, and that includes copy. Customers are going through the world using stories to create their understanding of life. You can use words to show customers exactly how your company fits into their lives. When you do, your profits will soar! 

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