Growing your Blog Following

Are you ready to grow your blog following? Below you will find some tips on how to do that and get your blog seen by many.

  • Facebook Groups: Have you ever searched facebook groups for bloggers? There are thousands. So many, and they work. By joining these groups you can grow your blog following by sharing, having your posts shared, and following along with each other via blogs and social media.
  • Telegram: There are many groups to promote your work on telegram with people in the same niche as you, and even those not. I find sticking to niche groups ideal as you are more than likely going to gain followers who want info in that niche. You want to gain followers who will engage and share your content and if they are in lifestyle, and you are in lifestyle the chances of that happening are very large.
  • Pods: There are many pods on instagram, facebook and telegram to join that are a tight group who will like, share and comment on all your content. It’s a give/take type situation where you need to reciprocate in order to participate but its a great, and quick way to get your work out there and more eyes on it.
  • Hashtags: Hashtags are very important especially on instagram. If you are planning to share your work and links on Instagram (which is strongly recommended) choosing the right and proper hashtags are so important. Find hashtags that have less than 200,000 or even 100,000 posts. Use multiple hashtags and even ones you aren’t sure will work (ie: in a photo and post promoting kids playing in the backyard tag the photo with hashtags like #BackyardFun #KidsintheYard #Family #FamilyFunDay, etc)
  • You’ve heard pods and groups aren’t ideal and are frown upon: Yes and No. What a lot of people don’t realize is that bloggers and other influencers are consumers too. They also have followings so say you are sharing a sponsored post with a pod of your 20 blogging pals and they all have decent followings – by them sharing gets all their followers eyes on your content as well as their eyes. You can’t go wrong having other supportive influencers sharing your posts, and seeing products you like. We are all consumers, we are all impressionable and all generally want the same things.

Another way to grow your blog following is by using Pinterest.

Posting your posts on Pinterest has huge potential. With the proper pins (long pins, vertical pins) and gorgeous photos, keywords and titles your posts can be repinned, shared and seen by many.

If you do Pinterest right you will not need to do anything mentioned above. Pinterest can and will generate hundreds of thousands of visitors, and shares if you can master it. It’s something to consider, and work on ALWAYS.